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Time Cube

Something I learned recently. Some time ago, there was an alarm clock on the market under the name "Time Cube":



Apparently it was made in Hong Kong, possibly by a company named "Dailymate", and had a world time display on the top. I wonder whether one of these clocks could have inspired Gene Ray, Cubic.

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Posted by: HazyJayne Tue Dec 27 02:08:07 2005

I'm glad objects in my parents house give you amusement... ;)

Posted by: Owen Tue Dec 27 12:06:56 2005

You know they exist now, so it adds little to say that I owned one as a child... except that the little yellow button on top produces the feeblest light from the right of the display, oh, and time is cubic, obv.

Posted by: Adrian http:// Wed Dec 28 10:45:24 2005

I used to own one of these clocks too! Are they really still in production?

Posted by: gimbo Thu Dec 29 21:00:32 2005

I had one of these. It was actually the best alarm clock I've ever owned. The volume of the beeping was just right (not so loud that I jump out of my skin every morning, like one alarm I now own), the 4 minute snooze was optimal (and infinite), it was easy to find the snooze button on the top surface (and easy to find the top surface in the dark), and best of all, you could set the alarm time very quickly and easily, because holding down the minute button scrolled at just the right rate. Somehow, it seemed to be best balanced alarm I've had, and I've been consistently disappointed with new ones ever since. Mine was a birthday present from my parents when I was about 12, I guess. I was, initially, disappointed to find that it didn't directly tell you the time all around the world (you just work it out yourself by swivelling the plastic bit on the top around), but over the years, I came to love this clock. No idea what's happened to it now - hopefully it's up in the attic somewhere. I'll have to take a l

Posted by: Lilli333 Mon Aug 4 01:48:15 2008

I have one of these little babies - in love is the word you're looking for!!! The only thing is the light on the top stopped working after a couple of years. I still use mine now and it has been in daily use for nearly 20 years. It is looking a bit tatty now though and i am dying to find another one. If anyone can help i'd be really grateful. Email me: Cheers!!!

Posted by: Brian Mon Sep 1 20:09:49 2008

I've got one of these – my sister bought it for me for either Christmas or my Birthday (I can't remember which now). It must be well over 20-years old now – and it IS definitely the best alarm-clock I've ever owned!

The snooze/light function just packed-up this morning (which is a shame – I do like my 'snooze' in the mornings!) but hey, otherwise it's still working...

: - )

Due to the snooze function 'giving up the ghost' this morning, I thought I'd try online to see if they still made these – it's a shame that that looks like a big 'N-O'; if they still did, I'd have rushed through an order for another like 'pronto'... I DO like my 'snooze' in the mornings, you know!!!

Posted by: dan tournay Mon Jun 15 09:07:46 2009

I am also a proud owner of a dailymate TIME CUBE. It came from Argos and my mother bought it for me when I went to secondary school.

I personalised it with glow in the dark ghostbusters 2 stickers. Sadly the alarm no longer sounds and the stickers no longer glow but I can still find out the time in Peking or Calgary.

I love my dailymate TIME CUBE [img src="" width=400]

Posted by: dan tournay Mon Jun 15 09:10:53 2009

Whoops, that image didn't work very well did it. maybe this will?

Posted by: madpommie Sun Oct 3 20:26:31 2010

Ha... just searching ebay for a replacement... I've had mine for over 30 years and the alarm clock is still working.. battery seems to last for years.. It's suffered so many knocks and several countries.. really is my time cube.. Cheers Dave

Posted by: aid Thu Feb 23 16:44:47 2012

My Dad brought me this clock from Argos in Liverpool back in 1987 and I still wake to its alarm today.That little cube has been around the world with me and its still working perfectly.I did take it apart a few years back and managed to repair the light and alarm ,so here s to many more years of timekeeping with my cube shaped "mate"

Posted by: Uwe Tue Apr 10 20:11:07 2012

Just found the battery lid for my TIME CUBE while digging out my old Playmobil for my son. Only then i realized using this alarm clock all my life. Must have lost the lid back in the 80s. I totally agree to the advantages you put out - but how could one get along with only 4 minutes of snoozing ?? My all black TIME CUBE gives me 6 minutes - thats the perfect time. Allows you another little dream that you could never reach in 4 minutes. And not lets you fall back too deep like 8 minutes.

Posted by: Del Boy Tue Dec 30 06:55:10 2014

I still own mine. Had it for at lease 25 years and it hasn't missed a beep. If you closely on mine you can see a faded hulk hogan and ultimate warrior sticker faded on the side ha

Posted by: BarryChuckle Wed Aug 24 14:59:56 2016

Wow, just stumbled across this page. I too have had a timecube since forever and I'm sure it is only on its second battery ever despite the alarm going off every day because the slider on the bottom seems to move of its own accord due to wear and tear switching the alarm back on after I have turned it off.

Check out the second series of Red Dwarf, there are a couple of episodes where you see a timecube on Lister's top bunk!

My timecube also came from Argos in either Birkenhead or Liverpool so there seems to be a connection there.

My Dad once told me that he wondered why I always placed it on its side rather than the bottom. He once lay on my bed (to watch the racing when the downstairs TV was out of action) and realised why. When lying down you don't have to mentally rotate the digits 90 degrees (or bother to move your head more to the point) if the cube is on its side. I could see he was impressed with my lazy ingenuity.

I hope to hear more fascinating timecube stories from other people soon :)

Posted by: sumo alice Thu Nov 24 17:41:52 2016

I had one of these too! My grandma gave it to me for my 6th birthday in 1985 and it worked perfectly for more than 20 years, using I'm sure only around 3 batteries in that time... I was actually searching online to see if they were still made so I could get one for my daughter, but seeing as they all seem to still be working decades later perhaps I'll just dig my old one out of my dad's attic!

Posted by: Aid Fri Feb 17 00:40:01 2017

just came across this page again and realized it is 5 years since I posted my comments and my cube is still keeping perfect time although the alarm doesn't work anymore (the iPhone wakes me now)It is reminder of my dad who bought me the clock way back passed away in 2013 miss him so much 😥

Posted by: Hils Fri Nov 3 17:07:46 2017

Just found this page. I can't change the time on this for my mum. Anyone know how to do it? I've tried switching the time set on and off, but no luck.

Posted by: Pauline D Thu Dec 28 22:10:25 2017

I bought my cube clock in 1969 from the NAAFI in Victory Barracks in Portsmouth. I had just joined the WRNS and needed a wake up call. I still use the clock every day and take it with me wherever I travel. I can only remember changing the battery twice and am completely reliant on it for my daily alarm, it has never let me down. It has gone somewhat discoloured over the years but I guess I have as well!! Long may the clock continue, I think it may see me out!

Posted by: Aid Fri Oct 23 19:03:48 2020

Still working,battery lasts about 2 years

Posted by: dan tournay Mon Sep 13 08:59:21 2021

Checking in for a long overdue update as I last posted on here 12 years ago. My dailymate TIME CUBE is going strong and still sits by the side of my bed as it has done for years. It's currently fitted with a duracell alkaline battery that has a the date Jan 2020 which woud have come from a Tesco in Birmingham. The plastic may be taking on a slightly yellowing tone but I can still tell the local time in Monrovia and Rangoon with ease. Result!