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Blogging has now become more paranoiac-friendly with Invisiblog, a new online blogging tool devised by cypherpunk cryptoanarchist types. Invisiblog uses anonymous remailers for posting, making it (theoretically) impossible to trace their authorship (except, of course, by the NSA's quantum supercomputers, but they can probably read your thoughts before you post anyway, and already know that you've been a very naughty boy/girl/android).

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What's the creator of SimCity doing these days, you wonder? Well, he was last seen tootling around the streets of Berkeley with a home-made robot which spouts off-colour non-sequiturs at passersby, in order to "investigate human society":

Asked to define love, Slats is no Shakespeare: "Getting shoes. Setting fire to shoes. Throwing shoes at the circus."

(via Techdirt)